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A living documentary

The Neo-African-Americans is a living documentary, a conversation. It’s a conversation about identity, it’s a conversation about America, it’s a conversation about immigration, and for that matter, the global movement of people.

The first round of screenings was a series of conversation whose input has been used to shape the final product. It is not meant to teach lessons, but rather provide different lenses for thinking through these complexities outside the confines of one’s biases.

The greatest challenge has been to take a subject so complex, sensitive and potentially divisive into one hour; hence, the conversation continues with YOU: around your kitchen table, in your dorm room, at your workplace.

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  1. N. L. Kalema
    August 19, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Cool project so glad i discovered it. It brings to mind the question of negotiating my identity as a person who is Ugandan (father) and Black-American (Mother). While I am both things, when people see me they percieve me as primarily African and my younger sister as Black American. It is very complex and interesting on how this percieval impacts us differently in the world. I would be interested it to learn if this aspect has been explored by your work as well. Both my parents are of Afro descent, but the cultures are very different to the point of my experience being a a bicultural one. I would be interested in learning more about how things such as: knowing the language, having visited the country, whether one’s name sounds “American” or foriegn, and how one may look. Also how one may try to exploit the ambiguity of their identity in certain instances, by negotiating or highlighting particualr parts versus others in certain instances. I think this could be very interesting to see because I think at certain times people choose to highlight what serves their interests most and answers are sometimes adjusted. Fascinating project!!!!

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