“This is a stunning and vitally essential work.” – Pamela George, Asst. Dean of Student Affairs, Yale College

“FASCINATING.” – Jeannine Scott, Vice President, AFRICARE

“This is a smart, astute, well done, clear and exciting documentary that asks the right questions and delivers balanced, intelligent, and fresh answers.” – Sylviane Diouf, Historian, Schomburg Center, New York Public Library

“I … wanted to express my gratitude for making such a riveting documentary… I believe you will touch and change the thoughts of many…with your unique perspective. BRAVO!” – African-American audience member

“This documentary captures decades of conversation in one hour, and doesn’t leave anything out.” – Jamaican-American audience member

Your presentation continues to raise lively conversation on the campus. I look forward to keeping up with the discussion nationwide.” – James Reese, Associate Dean of Students, Bates College.

“Riveting” – Antoinette Gomes, Coordinator, Rhode Island College Unity Center

If you’ve seen the full documentary, kindly add your own review below.

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